Friars Mead Care Home, Kings Langley, Herts

Located in pleasant, quiet grounds in the centre of the village of Kings Langley, Friars Mead care home offers specialist residential care for older people.

Established in 1992 as an independent Society within the Abbeyfield Movement, Friars Mead provides high quality care in a welcoming and homely atmosphere. We make every effort to involve our residents in the day to day running of the house.

At Friars Mead, we aim for excellence. We work hard to meet everyone’s specific needs. We offer special equipment and a wide choice of activities and fun.

Additionally, we want every resident to feel at home. We encourage use of personal items, making every room feel cosy and inviting. Friars Mead is more than just a residence – it’s a friendly, welcoming home.

We take food and nutrition very seriously. You can find out more about the good food standards that we aim for.

Kings Langley Care Home gardens and grounds

Many of our residents’ rooms have views out onto the main garden and other green areas. And our communal areas have direct access to the beautiful gardens.

high standards for rooms in our Kings Langley care home

Our residents’ rooms are decorated and furnished to high standards. We give priority to everyone’s comfort, making all rooms really homely.

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If you have any questions or would simply like to find out more about Friars Mead, you can contact us: Please let us know on our Contact us page

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If you would like to book a visit or come and spend some time at Friars Mead to see if it’s right for you please contact us to arrange by using the contact us form on this page.

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